Thursday, 31 July 2008

Wednesday 30th July Biking

Wednesday evening saw the return to a tried and tested route of old, that should have been a pleasure to revisit, instead was plagued by mechanical failure.
Into Milbrook and puncture! sometimes patches are just not enough, the valve was split from the tube! An emergency delivery from a fellow rider (non participating that evening) solved the issue while a number of the group saw it as an opportunity to gain some extra miles under their belts and shot off for a thrash around Stewartby Lake whilst repairs took place.
Part way around the golf course and a chain snapped (same bike). Yet again the boy scout attitude prevailed and the repair undertaken on the track side. Many thanks to the couple (recently passed) who pointed out that it was quicker to walk!
By this point we had eaten into a fair chunk of available daylight and so pressed on in earnest.
Mechanical no. 3 occurred on a chance encounter with some fresh dog sh*t and wet green grass, a very minor tumble ensued, upon recovery the bike in question was discovered to have a front wheel like a banana (None EU approved). It still fitted through the forks the rider was able to limp home for an early beer but only after we had a 'pleasant' ride up the hill out of Lidlington.
A quick dash through the edge of Warren Wood saw a road drag back through Steppingly to the Old Sun where a number of refreshing beverages were partaken of and a light snack of chips and battered sausage saw the strength replenished enough to continue our separate ways home.


Anonymous said...

Hi there. Do you allow girlies along for your rides? I am looking for some company since my cycling friend became injured and getting fed up with cycling alone. I usually ride in Woburn woods area as I live in Woburn Sands. I ride a Trek Liquid and can cope with most terrains, riding for a couple of hours usually, but not as fit as I used to be!!! Lou

fuz said...

Of course, any and all are welcome, next ride will be Wednesday 20th at 7:00pm from Athur St Ampthill, no route agreed yat but back at Engine and Tender Ampthill for about 9:00pm ish, it has been getting darker of late so some lights to finish with (at least to be seen) might not go amiss.

C.C said...

Hey Lou. I ride Chicksands and Woburn plus random local bridleways etc (and Im a girl too!). What type of riding do you do and what sort of distances? If you want to meet up let me know and il send you my email address.

fuz said...

The invitation to join us applies to you c.c as well as Lou, next outing 7:00pm meet outside The Cottage Bakery in Dunstable St Ampthill (opposite the Albion).
Light, or lack of it is the limiting factor! finishing in Engine & Tender.