Saturday, 26 December 2009

Last ride of 2009

Time to shake of the Christmas hangover in preparartion for the New Year one to come.

By mutual agreement (of those out last Monday and those I've bumped into since) we are going out on Bank Holiday Monday 28 December 2009 - the last official outing of 2009.
The starting time will be 11:00 meet in the usual place (Albion / Cottage Bakery on Dunstable Street, for anyone who fancies joining us), late enough for people to get up and early enough for them not to have started drinking again yet!

Hope to see as many of you out as possible and anyone one else reading this that have yet to jump in, or simply need to get on the bikes over the Christmas period.

Drinks in the Engine after, would be rude not to.

For those that can't make it hope you had a good christmas and wishing you a Happy New Year. See you in 2010 (when I'm not in Grimsby!).

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

The Ampthill Mountain Bikers Christmas Outing


The Ampthill Mountain Bikers Christmas outing was only attended by Blox, Fuz and Massey but Carbon, Dave and Claire were waiting in the pub for the chicken and beers afterwards.
I'd like to thank Fuz for the Malt Whisky that warmed us all during the ride (good call) and I hope everyone's head didn't hurt to much this morning.

Let each other know on the blog if you intend to go out over the Christmas period.

Happy Christmas & A Happy New Year!!

See you in 2010

The Blox

Tuesday, 15 December 2009


So I have a new bike now as the insurance cheque for the old one arrived BUT I broke my finger so I'm off the (new) bike for 3 weeks :-(
Is anyone still going out / up the pub?
Please let me know r.e. any pub trips so I can drown my sorrows!

Wednesday, 2 December 2009


Wont be able to join you for a while now - apart from having no lights some thieving little scrote nicked my bike from outside MK police station on Monday while I was trying to be organised and do my xmas shopping early :-(

Waiting for insurance to pay out now before I can get a new bike.

:-( :-( :-( :-(

Thursday, 26 November 2009


The big question for everyone tonight is:
are those who have been missing in action actually going to brave the weather and mud and dare to get their bikes dirty?
you know who you are!!!!!!!!

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Ampthill Mountain Bikers Saturday ride

As I and D missed Monday and Thursday's ride out, we decided to go out on a ride this morning to make up for the for it.

To start off we went over to Milbrook test track to see if Pudsey bear was still hanging around after Children in Need last night, but only found damp steep hills along with very wet sticky mud. With D's new bike we both made easy work of the mud and hills but neither of us made it up the ultimate hill towards Lidlington (you know the one, the one that only Neil has done!). Really good down hill in to Lidlington then more hills kept coming at us but we made it over the top and on to the usual course over towards Eversholt.

Everything was great even got through the bog, which has got much harder, until I had to fall off my bike to save a very rare species of bird hopping around in my path, it had nothing to do with going in to a corner over wet leaves on concrete to fast! ask D, I'm sure he'll back me up.

Really good ride, I think a Saturday morning ride is going to have to be a regular thing!

Stats: -

Ride time - 1 hour 38 minutes

Mileage - 16.41 miles

Calories - 1583c

Elevation Gain - 655m

Avg Speed - 10 MPH

Max Speed - 25 MPH

Friday, 20 November 2009

Not riding!

Sorry I've not been out lately and just to be consistent won't be able to make it Monday either :(

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Monday 16th Nov Ride

Just Paul, Dave and myself were out tonight and it was rather wet and muddy after the rain over the past few days. Made for a lot of fun though - Paul was back out on the hardtail which with its interesting tyres made for a interesting ride for him. We just did the normal route but seems a lot harder work in this condition. I had an incident in the singletrack with on of the slippery logs and almost went over the handlebars and there is a new tree blocking the way after all the storms. The bog wasnt too bad really but the farmers field after was pretty tough although Paul seemed to pick a better line up the edge and went flying past me. A quick dash up the bypass and we were home about 10 mins longer than usual so it isnt too slow yet!

See you all on Thursday

Friday, 13 November 2009

New frame!

My new frame has arrived. Decided to avoid full suspension as it would only cost me a fortune in parts so decided on an On One 456 instead. Supposedly they are supposed to handle great and also good for trail centre use so looking forward to building it up. Wont get time to build it up until after the weekend so will prob be out on the old bike still on Monday!

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Ampthill MTB Monday Night Ride

Stats for Monday night ride: -

Reply back to this blog as to which course we should do on Monday: -

a. normal loop over to Eversholt

b. Chicksands

c. suggest a new route

see you all on Monday night.

Monday, 9 November 2009

thursday 5th Nov

Well it ceratinly seems like winter is here, thursday night was bonfire night although we didnt see any fireworks we set off like rockets (sorry no more firework puns). we decided to just do the usual route and i think everyone was suprised as to how hard the ride was. the route is so different when its wet and muddy with everyone have a couple of arse twitching moments, personally i prefer the winter, the ride was such a laugh, slipping on wet leaves, skidding through thick mud (which my tractor tyres are loving!!!) and sliding along moss covered roots. Hopefully there will be more out on monday as there was just the 4 of us on thursday, it seems the weather turning has put off the fair weather riders (you know who you are, Fletch!!!!!!).
see you all monday

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Monday 2nd Nov

Mondays ride was meant to be a nice easy affair with Paul, Massey and myself all recovering from colds.
We met at the usual spot and decided that we would do the normal ride and even do the short route as we were all feeling the effects of the man flu that has been going around (well that I spread to everyone). First of all the light that Paul donates to Dee would not switch on but with a bit of taking the batteries out and giving them a rub, they eventually worked and we were off.
I was at the front heading to Millbrook and when I got to the top of the hill about to cross the road I looked back to see the other 3 further back. I thought oh perhaps I am not too bad and I had blasted up the hill, I waited for them to catch up, playing with my lights and not taking much notice of what the others were doing. After a few minutes I thought where are they, I realised they hadn’t moved so thought something must be up. It turned out Paul had a puncture, which we pumped up and plodded on. After getting into the woods and blasting down the now not so sandy tracks, half way up the hill the battery on my new light decided to jump off my bike into darkness, so I had to turn back and go hunting for that. I found that and caught the boys up, Paul then decided his tyre was going flat again so decided to turn back and head to the pub. Dee, Massey and myself then plodded on, after possibly the slowest ride I have ever done since I started this mountain biking lark and after coughing up about 5 litres of flem and one of my lungs we made it back to the pub for some well earned food and beers.
Hopefully Thursday will be without as many incidents and marginally quicker!!!!


Friday, 30 October 2009

Monday night ride with Blox, Neil, Dee

As you'll see from the stats below, Monday's ride was always going to be a challenge! Firstly Dee kept up easily with Neil and myself on his bone shaker of a bike and secondly note to all, always carry two spare inner tubes and gas!!!

We went over the top of Ampthill hill and went over to Milbrook followed by with the extra corner added at the bottom of the sandy downhill out of Milbrook woods (just for good measure) Like I already said Neil and I didn't stop just slowed down on the flats for Dee to draw level (which he did within a few seconds).

We joined up with the normal course through Eversholt and Tingrith and popped out by the Drovers Arms in Stepingley where we decided to go off to Flitwick woods. There lies our error! within half a mile Neil has two flat tyres with 4+ punctures and I had a flat back puncture! Dee on his slicks was fine.

I guess it doesn't always pay to be at the front! The two of us ran along side Dee on his bike to the nearest street light and tried to fix the bikes. With only one inner tube between three tyres we attempted to fix up the punctures with my repair kit. Only one gas canister to boot we tried pumping up the tyres with my crappy pump. Needless to say Neil walk to his sisters for a lift and Dee and I limped home with a slow flat back tyre. We were going great guns until then.

Big bulk order of inner tubes and gas canisters are now on order so this never happens again.

Here's the link for the Profloat CO2 pump (40psi on a MTB or 130 psi on a road bike tube)

Wednesday, 28 October 2009


Hi everyone.

If you require food on Thursday, please let me know via the blog. I will be collecting money when we arrive at the pub. No money, no food!

Monday, 26 October 2009

Monday night ride with Ampthil MTB

Hi all,

please see the stats for our ride tonight.

See you all out on Thursday


Thursday, 22 October 2009

Thursday Ride

Hi All,

Carbon Paul, Rob and myself were out tonight! You all missed a really good one, we've changed the beginning of the ride thanks to Rob and it now takes in the Millbrook part of the ride.

Click on the link below to view stats and track.

Enjoy the extra hour in bed on Sunday morning and I'll see you all on Monday


Thursday 22nd

Hi everyone
I'm still waiting for my new lights to arrive - spoke to the supplier today and they reckon I should have them on Monday.
Hopefully see you all on 26th.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

food tomorrow

Not sure of numbers tomorrow, so if you are coming and eating, then please bring your own food. Thanks.

Monday, 12 October 2009

Monday night ride over to Chicksands

I think we'll all still be smiling as well as aching tomorrow after such a good ride out to Chicksands tonight!

Myself, Fuz, Neil, Dee & Greg chose to take in the fast single tracks and hellish climbs, whilst Dave, Paul & Chris went on the normal route over to Eversholt.

pretty normal start over to Maulden woods (no swinging in the tree vines this time from Neil) with only my light cable coming loss whilst going down the sandy hill making me nearly crap myself.

We all decided to let Fuz go first down his favourite single track just outside of Chicksands woods. It was the right decision to let him rip or should I say calve his own track down there, no stump or branch stood a chance with his Giant hardtail thundering through, needless to say no one got close to him so he finished with a celebrated chunder at the end!!!!

Chicksands is just the best place in the dark, you don't feel the fatigued for some reason, probably the adrenaline kicking in as you go speeding down the track with roots pinging you up every two seconds.

Another single track race down and out of the woods with no crashes and up in to Haynes along the road. We headed back down through Limbersey Lane in Maulden at a really good speed with myself and Neil racing only to be over taken by the flying Fuz which was not expected.

All very good and definitely what we all needed.

I've put the states on the link below: -

Monday 12 October - No Van

Sorry Guys, I can't get the Van tonight so it looks like we'll have to do the normal route.

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Garmin link for Monday 5th Oct ride

At the Cycle show yesterday, Fuz and I visited the Garmin stand to see what's new and discovered (free of charge) a new training web application with really cool stuff on it.

I've tried to link our ride last Monday on here, but I think it's got everything for 09 listed.

Click on the link below and let me know what you think.

Garmin Connect -
Activity Details for

Shared via AddThis

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

TREK 8500 (2008)

Just in case any of you are interested I am selling my old hardtail on ebay this weekend. They seem to sell for about £700 on the site but if anyone is interested i'm looking for £500 minimum. Less hassle than ebay. Most of you have seen it but if any of you or your friends are interested get them to give me a call and they can come and have a ride on it. The frame is a 19.5 inch which i think is a large. Other than that look on evens cycles as i think they still sell them. It was £1400 new.

Food on Monday

Hi everyone.

It's Sam here updating for CarbonPaul! I am doing some rather nice food for Monday. £2.00 a head. Please can you let Paul know tomorrow at biking, or email/txt so I can confirm numbers? Thanks.

Sam :-)

The Drovers beer and curry festival.

When Dave fell asleep....

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly!

The Good
I said I would post a link to the website I made about UK trail centres:
Also there are some routes near Ampthill if you search this site:

The Bad
I have a cold :-( - a proper one NOT man flu!! - and not sure if I will be able to make it out tomorrow :-(

The Ugly
Thats me with a cold!

If I'm feeling better I may miss the ride but join you in the pub. If not, see you on the Chicksands trip on Monday.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Exposure Red Eye

Dave is the Exposure red eye rear light worth buying ?

Food for Thursday anyone??

I have received orders for Chicken wings from Carbon, Dave, Rob, Fuz and Claire for Thursday. If anyone else wants some they are £1.12 for 8x wings please let me know by tomorrow midday.

Great ride last night, despite the complaints I think Fuz is secrety in love with his hard tail!!!

Monday 5 October 2009

Just a couple of things to say:

1. Welcome Claire, first ride out with us tonight and a good show, nice to see someone giving Blox a ride for his money up Station Road, Hope you enjoyed yourself and look forward to seeing you out on Thursday.

2. Xmassy, Dave and Carbon - Beers paid!

3. Yes please for chicken for me on Thursday!!!!!

4. I now know why I spent all that money on the Orange!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Riders out Me, Blox, Xmassy, Dave, Carbon, Dee, Rob and Claire.

Next Monday we will be off to Chicksands, meet in the normal place same time, Xmassy will be seeing about a van for the homeward leg, more time fun riding , less time slog home!!

Monday, 5 October 2009

Thusday 1 October 2009

The full (hopefully) extent of the damage from Thursday night:
Snapped chain, bent rear derailleur, bent mech hanger, bent QR skewer from rear wheel, all the above require replacement! Not to mention the numerous nicks, scratches and gouges taken out of the previously lovely green swingarm.

“Tonight Mathew I will be riding………….the Giant”. Could be a little hairy going back to a hardtail with 80mm front travel from my matched 140mm front and back! My arse is not looking forward to it!!

Anyhow back to Thursday, those out were:- Me, Blox, Carbon Paul, Dave, Dee and xmassy. In Steppingley (Centre Parcs) woods the group was split 50/50 as half took the sandy gulley whilst the other 3 opted for the soft option (no names).
It was just after we reformed to climb up through to the back of the woods when catastrophe struck, chain snapped, initial response (stick a gold link in and carry on) actual response on investigation (f**k, walking home) and Dee went off to catch up with the others and tell them I’d meet them in the pub.

I cobbled together a single speed and decided to carry on through the woods and then back on the road from Steppingley, however upon reaching the road, my bike now on auto pilot headed off towards Eversholt with a few shortcuts/detours I met up with the others between Eversholt and Tingrith and came back from there with them, completing the ‘Bog’ and the ‘Field’ up to the ‘Big House’ without a foot down.

The boys kindly stopped pedalling along the road back from Steppingley and in the slipstreaming in the ‘Lotus’ position I was able to stay with them until Blox took advantage of the slow pace and made a break for the bypass, don’t know if anyone caught him, as Dave and I battled up the bypass and Station Road, me with one gear and burning legs and Dave wit a flat tyre.

Refreshments in the E&T as usual Dave, Carbon and xmassy, your pints will be repaid Monday! Thank you! see you then.

Friday, 2 October 2009

Cheap light!!

As promised last night this is the link to the light from dealextreme which when coverted from the dollar price shown works out at about £55: they are basically a Chinese copy of the Lupine Tesla at £274, see I have ordered one which I hope arrive in the next few weeks (shipped from Hong Kong) so it will be interesting to see how good they are!! If you want to do some research on these lights you can visit various discussion forums which can be found by typing 'magicshine' into Google search.

P.S. - Dee, I have a spare light you can borrow until you decide what you are going to buy. It's home made but does the job a lot better than your current lights!! I'll bring it along on Monday.

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Cycle Show 2009 - Free Tickets

I have 5 free tickets (normal price £14.50) for anyone who is interested in going to the cycle show at Earls Court on Sat 10 or Sun 11 Oct. If you want to see what is on offer go to their web site

Let me know if you want a ticket and I'll bring them on Thursday's ride.

Food for Thursday's Ride anyone??

I will be buying chicken wings tonight for tomorrow's ride. If you want me to pick some up for you let me know how many via this blog and you can give me the money for them in the E&T after the ride (£1.20 for 8 wings - I'm having 16!).

PS - I am too old and hurt too much after Afan to even contemplate Monday's ride - what a great weekend though, can't wait for the next one!!

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Monday 28th sept

Well after an absolutely superb weekend in Afan (I am sure someone else will be writing a full review about the weekend) there was a poor turn out on Monday, with me being the only one who rode the weekend and went out for our usual monday blast around the ampthill area. Out was Paul, Dee and myself, the ride was a good steady one without any stops or incidents. Dee seems to have got the bug and is now upgrading his bike (with the help of the cycle to work scheme - which i can't wait to hear about as he is about 150miles from his office!!!!!!!).
Getting back to the ride the sand is getting worse, I hate to say it but we really need some rain as there were more than a couple of arse twitching moments as we blasted down along the fence in the woods. When Paul and myself got back to the e and t we enjoyed a few beverages and Paul cooked enough pizza and nachos for about 5, so needless to say when we finished it all both of us couldnt move and were sweating more than we did throughout the whole of the ride.
Hopefully there will be a bigger turn out on thursday as those whose bodies couldnt take it will have recovered by then, well some of them we are getting on a bit and these things seem to take a long time!!!


Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Monday 21st September

It was a good turn out for this ride, I met Paul at the e and t and we had a ride to the Albion (opposite the bakery) where we met up with Blox, Dee and Neil we rode to the memorial to meet Rob, from there it was the usual banter to the woods. The first downhill proved to be tricky for me and my bike didnt feel in control, not helped by the sand. Then by the time we got to the next down hill (along the fence) my bike really was not handling right at all once again i put this down to the amount of sand that is down there at the minute, when i got to the bottom it soon became clear that it wasnt just me being crap but that i actually had a puncture. luckily thanks to rob we pumped it up with the old slimes and CO2 we thought that that would be the end of that. however by the time i got to the gates it was flat again, typically i had no spare inner tube, but luckily Blox was packing one, so the old joke comes into play "how many mountain bikers does it take to change an inner tube?" well the answer was 4 (me, neil, Blox and Rob). from there the ride was a good pace and no more incidents meant that we were back in the pub for 20:30 to enjoy some of Pauls now famous Nachos and Robs delicious chilli. For the food and drinks Paul, Rob and I were joined by someone who clearly needed some refreshments after a hard bike ride, Justin who was wearing his usual biking gear, trousers shirt and shoes!!!!!!!
Bring on Afan this weekend for those who are going and I am looking forward to meeting my hobbit friends.
We will be meeting for the usual monday ride to compare injuries and swap stories!!!!!

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Monday 14 September 'Where have the light evenings gone?'

Good turn out for the evenings ride Me/Blox/Xmasy/Carbon Paul/Neil/Richard and newbie D followed the 'usual' route (note to whoever is interested: we must make the effort to vary a little more, even if it means riding longer! Camp my be divided!)

Anyway from were I was (at the back) it looked like Neil set the pace (again) (would be nice to see the ferret up the hills in Afan)(too many bracket?)(who cares!). The track at the back of Steppingly(CP) woods was VERY sandy and made for fun time (didn't quite catch the Blox!).

Caught up with D just before the steam into Eversholt, well I say caught, he had actually stopped, wondering if the right way was up the steam or had he missed a turn somewhere!

I finally convinced him we were going the right way and the pair of us swept up Richard on the fram track from eversholt to tingrith.

The road back to eversholt saw a shout from Richard with a flat tyre, I stopped to lend a hand and was shortly joined by D who having lost the group in front had suddenly found himself all alone so turned back to find us.

We entered the woods between eversholt and the motorway footbridge with D's lights going very dim, discretion the better part of valour and al that so Richard and D took the smooth track while I headed into the ditches (no moths to eat this time).

Through the bog without a foot down (more like a big hole now than a bog) and Richard needed a new tube on the footbridge.
I like the field climb in the dark, you can't see how far you have to go to the top!
And a quick blast back from steppingly to the engine and tender for beer and food (including Carbon Pauls pissed chilli).
Thanks to D for joining us, hope to see you again soon, hopefully you joining us may incourage others to do likewise!

Friday, 11 September 2009

Bikers Night Out

On Saturday 19 September the Drovers Arms is holding a Beer and curry festival. I missed the last get together but I know everone raved about the food at the Drovers so I would like to sample it for mayself! Other good reasons to come along include it being Carbon Paul's birthday, there are 20 beers from micro and small breweries at only £2.50 per pint to enjoy with pots of curry, there is a free shuttle bus to and from the White Heart and the girls from the Sheilas Wheels ad are singing jazz (Maybe I should have left that last one off!!).

Anyway for anyone interested we are planning to meet at the White Heart and 6.00pm and head off from there. You can see more info at the Drovers Arms web site,

Monday, 24 August 2009

Charity bike ride

On the 11th September me and Jo will be trying to cycle the width of England, going from east to west coast to coast. We are going from Whitehaven to Sunderland in 3 days, while I think this will be a challenge it is even more so for Jo as she actually hates cycling!!!!! We decided to do this as a bit of fun but also we realised we could raise some money for a good cause. At the age of 3 Jo’s niece “Bethany” was diagnosed out of the blue with type 1 diabetes, this means that she has to regularly monitor her blood as well as have several injections of insulin a day. So we are hoping to try and raise as much as we can for Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF), who are trying to find a cure for this illness.
So please donate any amount of money you can spare no matter how small or big!!!!

Jo has set up a Just Giving website if you want to donate this way or you can just give the money directly to me and I will pay it into the site.

We will be posting pictures on our Facebook pages so you can see that we complete the ride.



Monday, 17 August 2009

Afan - September 2009

Saturday 26 September
Sunday 27 September 2009

Again joining with the Portishead Chapter.
The plan is to drive over Saturday morning, do one ride lunchtime/early afternoon, beer & food at the Glyncorrwg Ponds Mountain bike centre/café and camp there the night. Up and at them early Sunday to do another ride and back at the Afan Forrest Café for breakfast (last service 11am I think). Followed by the drive home.

Please advise on this blog whether or not you will be coming so that we can arrange transport/tent sharing.
This is an open invitation to all, not just blog members. All are welcome!

Posts Owed

I owe this Blog a number of well overdue posts stretching back to before I disappeared to sunny mid France (without the bike) for a well earned (in my opinion) rest. So in no particular order (other than chronological) here goes.

16 July 2009 Thursday
Although I didn’t make the ride I did manage to meet up with Dave/Blox/Neil/Richard/Carbon Paul and Daniel for the after ride Indian Banquet at the Drovers Arms. I arrived to find the others partaking a no doubt well earned imperial measure on the patio in front of said establishment, only for the rain to start and drive us inside. After a number of ales dinner was served and we sat in the rear conservatory listening to the by now torrential downpour drumming on the glass above, however the beer and particularly the fine quality and quantity of food was enough to distract and we all ate our full share.
The ride home was fun enough should you like feeling like a goldfish, with only two of the party feeling unable to battle the elements and arranging alternative ‘drier’ transport homewards (Neil and Richard hope you made it safely!).
Big thank you to The Drovers Arms for a fabulous spread, we will be back).

6 August 2009 Thursday
First ride out since returning from holiday and I can’t wait,
4pm at work, glorious day outside and raring to go!
5pm(5:30 if anyone from work is reading) In the car, beginning to get a little dark!
6pm arrive home, thunder lightening and torrential rain!
6:30pm text from Xmassey “Due to inclement weather im going straight to engine. All other wimps are welcome to join me!”

Just Blox and myself out, everything going well albeit very wet and muddy, when completely out of the blue (well black actually) something decides to knock me clean off the bike, I find myself on my back in the bracken with the world spinning. Blox returns to the scene and deals with offending branch that I hit head on right across the front of my helmet, while I get my land legs back. We finished the usual course with only a couple of minor offs, mainly due to my being slightly spaced!
Decided to give the pub a miss, as I felt drunk enough!

At this point I’d like to thank my helmet sponsors (me) on the excellent head gear provided and ask them to dig deep to provide a worthy replacement as it is now cracked! Thank you branch!

10 August 2009 Monday
Two different start times this week
Riders present 7:00pm Carbon Paul/Dave 7:30pm Blox/Xmassey/Myself
The 7:30 group took the ‘normal’ route without too much incident ending in the Engine for after ride drinks. Chicken wings and nachos provided courtesy of Carbon Paul and the Engines kitchen facilities. Many thanks!

13 August 2009 Thursday
Only supposed to be one group tonight, but I was late
Carbon Paul/Dave/Xmassey followed by somewhere between 5 and 10 minutes behind by me!I followed the normal route and frequent intelligence reports from the public indicated I was not far behind, but the quarry was never overhauled mainly due to mechanical failure and a slow puncture, that is until the Engine where I joined them for a refreshing pint.

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Who's out on Monday

Hi All,

Who's out on Monday??????

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Curry night

On Thursday next week (16th July) we are going to do our usual ride and then finish for a curry at the drovers arms Steppingly. The reason for this is that we havent done it yet, but have talked about it loads, and it is my birthday on the tuesday so we are using both reasons as a good excuse. We are hoping to sit outside on the terrace area (weather permitting) and my advice would be to bring lights as it starts to go dark at 9ish and we will be having starters mains and beers!!!!!

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Not out tomorrow

Just to let you know I am not going to be out tomorrow after all! Enjoy the ride

Friday, 19 June 2009

Thursday 18th June Ride

Only Dave and myself made it out tonight and it was a nice evening for a ride. We went along the usual route but with a few minor changes. I almost came off again for the second time in a row on the sandy descent through the woods but just about managed to keep it together!

We went under the motorway with the plan of doing the bridal way by the drovers arms. The rest of the ride continued without incident until we reached the bridal and rode up to find it came out by the French Horn. We then went right and came out along the bottom of the sandy descent took a right and came out along the road with staples on it. Back along the A507 and into the Engine and Tender for a couple of Dallaligio's finest!

Ride Stats:
Distance: 17.39
Average speed: 11 mph
Max Speed: 26.1mph

Monday, 15 June 2009

Not biking tonight

Carbon Paul, Rob and Chris not out tonight. ..Has anyone seen the weather forecast?! Whoever is going, enjoy the thunderstorm! Plan to go out tomorrow night instead.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

CO2 Cartridges and pump

Hey everyone I brought a box of 30 CO2 cartridges so if anyone wants any let me know. They cost £15.66 for 30 of them so 50p each. Let me know and ill bring them on my next ride.

Also I got this CO2 inflator because I didnt think they would work with my inflator I already have. As it turns out they do so this is surplus to my requirements. If anyone wants it let me know - £6 will do includes 2 cartridges

See you all soon!

Monday, 25 May 2009

Bank Holiday Monday Rideout

Rob, Carbon Paul and me are meeting at 1.00pm outside the cottage bakery today for a ride out. If that isnt enough to tempt you to join us the engine is putting on a free BBQ from 2.00pm onwards which of course we will be partaking in. See you there!!

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Monday 18th May

On Monday it was decided that we would do the now infamous "normal" route.
During the day and early evening the weather was very changable, one minute sunny, then absolutely wetting it down then it seemed a hurricane was starting, but by the time we all met at the bakery things seemed to have settled down. Out for the ride was Carbon Paul, Daniel, Rob and I. Well it was a little slippy and muddy in places but a whole lot of fun, Daniel has now realised that riding without your back brake half on actually makes for an easier ride, but it probably has help improve fitness quite a bit!!!!
The whole evening was a good one, adding on an additional field, going over the motorway instead of under it, the flies going up the brook are minging, as i found out again by going first and straight into the swarm talkng to paul, so there really was not any need for food as i had had my fill of protein at that point. One of the highlights of the evening was rob turning round to see what was going on and flipping over his bike, then paul getting a little over confident and quick and nearly flying off into the brambles. Then it was all back to the Oss for some of Skips chicken wings, drummers dips and nachos. Cracking ride - no stops, bring on thursday

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Thursday 14th

I am not about tonight lads as I am heading over to Chicksands at about 6 starting from Clophill. Have a good ride and hopefully will see you next Thursday

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Saturday 9th May Morning Ride

Only Fuz and I made it out this morning and we decided upon the Millbrook route which suitd me as it was annoying that I didnt make it up the gravel hill. We set off through the village and along the bridalway and luckily this time I managed to make it up the gravel hill! The rest of the ride passed without incident and was an enjoyable saturday morning spin.

Map of route below:,-0.4949429929256439&q=

Stats were:
Total time: 1hr 15 mins
Average speed: 7.2 mph
Max speed: 33.2 mph
Total Distance: 9.02 miles

I may go out tomoz so if anyone is interested then leave a message on here and Ill check later this evening

Friday, 8 May 2009

Thursday 7th May Ride

So we did a different route tonight - heading around Millbrook. Four of us made it out from the Albion and we headed over towards Millbrook round by the church and into the village. Just before the proving ground we turned left with what seemed to be never-ending rain. Along the back of the proving ground we came along by the 45 deg slopes and up the steep gravel hill one at a time. All but myself made it as I didn't have the balance (I may go back and try it on Sunday!). We continued to track the edge of the proving ground ending up at another very steep hill which none of us made it up. Not quite sure what happened but I couldn't unclip and started rolling backwards into Dave who had to abandon his bike! Sorry Dave!

We then headed down towards the A507 before heading right into steppingly woods and going the opposite way to which we usually do popping out by staples and then heading back to Ampthill, over Coopers Hill, down Station Lane ending in the Engine.

Stats were:
Elapsed time: 1hr 14mins (includes stops)
Distance: 8.5 miles
Avg Speed: 6.8mph
Max Speed: 26.4 mph

Have put the route on the map below although I think the GPS had some issues in Steppingly Wood as not sure we did the straght line it suggests!,-0.4947569966316223&q=

As for the weekend I will be starting from 8 in the usual place on Saturday if anyone wants to join me (I believe Fuz is and possibly Blox). Will prob go out on Sunday too but will post when I decided a time!

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Thursday and weekend ride?

Ok so I assume we are out on Thursday again this week?

Also Michelle is working Saturday and Sunday so I have both days free and was thinking of doing a ride on both of them anyone care to join me?! Can do anytime during the day really. I have set up a poll on the right side assuming that it works but we will see! So either reply on here or vote on the poll! And see you on Thursday!

Friday, 1 May 2009

Thursday 30th April - Ampthill to Chicksands

Well a fun and eventful ride last night as 8 of us set of from the Albion. Cutting across the fields we came into Maulden and up the hill by the church which my bike actually made it up! We continued through Maulden Woods and over the A6 onto some great singletrack through Chicksands woods before arriving at Rowney Warren and the smell of the wild onions!

We then proceeded to follow Neil around Rowney Warren with some rather steep hills to get up not all of which I managed and it was rather entertaining to see Blox fall off going up and Paul falling of on sympathy. After spending quite a time going around Rowney Warren it was time to head back which is where it all went wrong as my inner tube seemed to explode throwing slime about. The hole was to big to patch but luckily Neil had a spare tube and Daniel's CO2 allowed for a quick change over. The new inner tube however continued to go down slowly leaving me struggling back. Thanks to Daniel and Fuz for waiting with me.

The evening finished with a few pints in the engine! Overall a great if tiring ride with some new challenges on the route. Below are the stats for the ride which are fairly good and would have been back quicker if not for the tyre problems.

The stats are from my house:

Total Distance: 21.58 miles
Average speeds: 10.1 mph
Max speed: 24.4 mph
Total riding time: 2hrs 7 minutes

There was discussion about what time to go out on Monday. I was going to do a poll but it appears that I dont have user privileges to run one so post on here what time you want to go out on Monday!

Daniel: Will get you some new CO2 canisters
Neil: let me know when you are next out and I will get you a spare inner tube

Wednesday, 29 April 2009


Hi Guys,

Long time no see but looking to join you on Thursday. Note you are going to Chicksands. Is this a definate as if so my brother and Gavin may join us. However they live in Silsoe and Clophill so would meet us on route. Therefore can you confirm that you are definately going to Chicksands and the route you will be taking. I will then make arrangements for them to meet us at some point.

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Rain stopped play (for most)

Darkening sky and then rain from about 5:30pm saw a plethora of texts giving excuses, sorry reasons! for not being able to make the ride. Phrases spring to mind like "a few good men" and "the good and the brave".
Anyway just Dave and I braved the elements, which politely stopped pissing just a tad before the 7:00pm start, what looked like was going to be a wet ride turned into a rather pleasant outing.With just the two of us plans for Chicksands were abandoned and an easy consensus reached to take what is now the established 'normal route' (plans are afoot to add some variation for future rides). Waterproofs were removed once in the woods as both of us were beginning to over heat having been fooled by the earlier black sky. Once on the sand it became apparent that the earlier rain had not soaked far into the ground making the going treacherous as the top layer just slipped on the dry sand under it. With the going a little slower I was able to make the most of the few roots down the back of the wood to bounce the bike around a little while Dave clattered along behind me!
The single track before the bog was pretty lively with the top layer very slippery, there was a number of occasions where I thought Dave had stacked it as I watched his back end slip away only to be saved at the last moment. The Bog did not live to its legend and was quite an anti climax as was the final climb up the field to Steppingley.
A quick (or not so quick for me) dash up the bypass and we were both rewarded for our troubles with some fine ale and food at the Oss (some less worthy partook of this sustenance, but we shan’t name names!).

Next ride is THURSDAY not Wednesday, THURSDAY 7:00pm by the Albion, off to Chicksands weather permitting.

Monday, 20 April 2009

Monday 20th April Ride

5 of us set off from outside the Albion this evening on a very nice but cool evening. We proceeded along the normal long route and made good progress. Was a little wet in areas but the downhills were pretty dry and fast with Justin bombing down with his usual gusto.

Again the tree on the singletrack seems to have got lower with only Dave attempting to get under and losing his rear light in the process. The bog was succesful for all but myself as I went flying into the brambles and a very muddy shoe (luckily the overshoes mean the cleaner wont be annoyed at work tomorrow!)

These are the stats of the ride (again from my house). This is actual rider time so although was a bit quicker than last week I think we had more rests to was a bit more of a blast.

Actual cycling time: 1hr 19mins
Distance: 14.84 miles
Average speed: 11.2 mph
Max speed: 26.5 mph

See you all outside the Albion on Wednesday slightly later at 7.30

Oh and I managed to break some more bike bits - this time my singlespeed chainring! Pics above:

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Wiggle e-voucher

Any one interested I have a e-voucher for £5 off when you spend over £25 in the next 14 days at wiggle.

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Wednesday 15th April Ride

Well Chris, Dave and myself made it out tonight and surprise surprise I made it round without any mechanical faults! Bike ran smoothly and seems to be good now! We went for the normal long route and it was a pleasant evening to do it with short sleaves on for the evening.

Managed to set a pretty good pace without too many stops and wihout incident until the singletrack through the wood when I hit my pack on the low tree (which seems to be getting lower every week) and then a pedal/crank on a log following one of Dave's routes. The bog was pretty wet but all 3 of us made it through without stopping and then a short blast home. We only really needed the lights once we got onto the road which was nice! Dave's 3 lights seem sadly redundant now!

These are the stats (including to/from my house):

Total Cycling Time: 1 hr 23 mins
Distance: 14.99 miles
Average speed: 10.8 mph
Max speed: 23.4 mph

See you all out next Monday!

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Chicksands/Rowney Warren Wednesday 9 April 2009

For everyone that didn't make last nights ride i think you missed an epic ride. Blox, Rob and myself set off from the usual spot (outsde the Albion) and decided chicksands would be a good idea. Being fairly new to Ampthill (I have only been living there for 3 years!!) I didn't have a clue where Blox was taking us, past some allotments across some fields, he assured me he knew where he was going, then we popped out and were confronted with a stupid hill leading up to maulden church. It was granny cogs all the way up to the top of the hill, well nearly all the way up as we heard strange noises coming from Rob and his bike and then a horrible snapping noise and ping his rear mech had snapped off his bike, if you have seen the blog he just bought a new one this week, and he had bought an XT, and it snapped off and snapped his chain as well. He then strapped this to his bike, told me and Blox to head off and he would start walking home, after seeing the pictures of the mech i am assuming he got home ok. Blox and myself plodded on we did chicksands wood and rowney warren, the woods are in great condition and both Blox and myself managed some of the more challenging hills, two of which neither of us have ever managed to get up before. As it got darker and darker we decided we would head back, we got out of the woods and headed to the army base, where the smell of onions is almost unbearable. We then got onto the road by shefford and Blox noticed he had a puncture and typically we had no spare inner tubes so puncture repair kit it was, we managed to locate the hole and fix the puncture. We sat off for the ride back, it seemed to take quite some time as we had both got quite cold fixing the puncture, by the time we had got back to Ampthill we were so wrecked we didnt even go for a beer!!!!!! although we were still back by 9:30, so without all the delays it is a solid 2 hour ride. A great evening ride with some scary moments, especially being stalked for a good mile around rowney warren by a deer, this felt a bit like a disney version of the blair witch project. We will be doing this again soon I think

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Seriously FFS!

On our way to Chicksands tonight another disaster with my bike...

snapped mech hanger, ruined chain and bent rear mech so some more bits to order :-(

Anyhow going to attempt the monday evening route on my fully rigid singlespeed with v-brakes tomorrow so should be interesting!

Saturday, 4 April 2009

Not the way to leave the mountain!

Afan February 2009 Whites Level boardwalk section.

Thankfully not one of us!!!

That time of year!

Yes it's that time of the year again, The UK's most important test!

The mbr Trail Bike of the Year 2009 for the third year running and the second year with a ten out of ten is ...................................... yes you guessed it ORANGE FIVE PRO!!!!!!!!!

All I've got to do now is learn how to ride it without flying over the bars each time we hit the bog!!!!!!!

See you all Monday 7:00 pm outside the Albion.

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Saturday ride anyone?

Sorry I couldn't make it out last night. Decided to do some of the route on my way home from work and on the flat just before the downhill section in Steppingley woods my rear mech decided to place it self in my rear wheel. Hence a bent mech, mech hanger, broken chain and bent spoke! Pic below

So anyway ordered the new parts and they should hopefully be arriving tomorrow, which if they do I want to get them on the bike and go for a ride on Saturday is anyone about to show me some more of the local trails?!

Thanks! Rob

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Evans Cycle Ride It Challenge 28th March


Who's up for the Evans Cycle ride in a few weeks round the local Bow Brickhill route?

Neil has mentioned this to me as a really good steady ride out on a Saturday morning, but the main thing is all the 50% off the goodies on sale at the start/finish line. Get this; you can even try before you buy, so anyone who wants new gloves etc. get them before your ride out, then just hand them back or buy them after you've finished the ride.

All the details of the ride and the download of the GPRS is on the link below.

Click the title or copy and paste the URL below to view and download forms and details.


Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Ampthill Mountain Bikers trip to Afan 22nd February 2009

View in Google Earth

View Larger Map

Date 22-02-09
Time 09:07
Total Distance 10.03 miles
Avg Pace 8.49 /mi
Avg Speed 6.8 mph
Max Speed 18.6 mph
Total Ascent 6507ft
Total Descent 6679ft

Fletch's fav descent over the weekend!!!

Afan 2009 AMB Trip 21-02-09 course and stats

View in Google Earth

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Date 21-02-09
Start time 11:26
Distance 10.87 miles
Tota Ride time 1:37:14
Avg Pace 8.56 mi
Avg Speed 6.7 mph
Max Speed 17.4 mph (down a sheer rock face)
Total Ascent 5549ft
Total Descent 5694ft

Monday, 26 January 2009

Saturday 24th January 2009 course and stats

View in Google Earth for best view.

The map is a little off i belive due to a fall by myself on what I thought was a puddle but turned out to be sheer ice. Very badly brused arm, leg and very sore shoulder. The bike lever is now pointing the wrong way. Hopefully Nick will fix that for me.

View Larger Map

Total Distance - 11.99 miles
Total Time - 1 hour 28 minutes 48 seconds
Avg Pace - 7:24 /mi
Avg Speed - 8.1 mph
Max Speed - 25.0 mph
Total Ascent - 5705ft
Total Descent - 5858ft

Saturday, 17 January 2009

Saturday 17th January 2009 course and stats

Please view in Google earth for best results

View Larger Map

Total Distance: 16.32 miles
Total Ride Time: 1h 43mins 35sec
Avg Pace: 6:20/mi
Avg Speed: 9.5mph
Max Speed: 22.4mph
Total Ascent: 2914dt
Total Descent: 3289ft

We're out Monday at 7pm from the Ampthill Bakery if anyone wants to join us

Trail Bike of the Year "The mtb world's no.1 test"

Back in May 2008, mbr magazine did their Trail Bike of the Year test and included bikes from Cannondale, Commencal, Tomac, Cube etc. Where did the experts choose to go to test these bikes? Their regular test track, Afan Valley, now assuming that you test the ultimate trail bikes on the ultimate trails, we are going to spend the weekend in Feb riding some of the ultimate trails in the UK.

Despite Neils unfortunate absence we appear to be back up to full strength with the late recruitment of Dave (deposit pending), Carbonpaul is staying with family, so that leaves five of us in the house, which coincidentally is the same place the mbr testers stayed during their Trail Bike of the Year test, TY Afan (following a familiar theme!).

Look forward to seeing most of you out on the bikes before the trip.

Oh did I mention that my new bike scored 10/10 in the test to become 2008 Ultimate Trail Bike!!!!!!

Happy riding.

Friday, 16 January 2009

Sat 17th Jan 09

I am biking from mine (14 Cornwall Rd) at 9.30 on Sat 17th 09 if anybody fancies it. Greg, Richard Wiles and Gavin are joining me so far and I also think Blox. Intend doing the full Millbrook loop in reverse. From Steppingley and including the Millbrook golf course section. About 18 to 20 miles I think.

Thursday, 8 January 2009

Vote to change the weekend riding day

We need to have a vote on a changing the weekend riding day, from a Sunday to a Saturday.

The reason for changing to a Saturday is: -

a. Too many other commitments on a Sunday for the majority of the group’s riders
b. New members can only make a Saturday
c. Helps with the clearing of the head due to the night before excess
d. Very early Sunday mornings are meant for a lay in!
e. etc. etc.

The reason for not changing to a Saturday is: -

a. Down to you lot to come up with a reason!

Let me know what you all think


Monday, 5 January 2009


Hi All,

I have just been advised that the weekend of the Wales trip is my annual Insurance awards dinner which I have to attend. Sorry to let you down and will obviously pay any monies that you are unable to recover. It is usually the last Friday in February so had not anticipated being away.


Thursday, 1 January 2009

Saturday 3rd January 2009 AMTB Ride

Anyone who is up for gentle 2009 outing on the bikes are welcome to join myself and Fuz for a gentle) New Year's AMTB ride. No time has been set in stone or route, so anyone who is interested please reply to the blog with suitable times and suggestions.