Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Afan in Feb

Afan sounds like a great idea. Count me in for discussions Fuz! Richard

Friday, 17 October 2008

Sunday 19th October THIS SUNDAY

The majority vote is for a trip to Woburn (I'm sure we can find our way without Richard).
So meet in the Registry Office car park at 9:00am I have room in the car for 1 other. Any problems ring me!

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Afan - February 2009

February 2009 (probably mid feb) but open to discussion, as is the duration, accomodation, transport and routes riden. Initial thoughts were travel there Friday evening/ Saturday morning, Saturday & Sunday rides, home by Sunday evening. Pissed and food Saturday night.
Accomodation, camper/ tents, though being February house, cottage, bunkhouse or B&B might be a relatively cheap option.
All interested please leave a comment so that we can include you in the disscussions, I went last month and it is awesome, well worth the effort, so come on express an interest and leave a comment. This is open to all viewing this blog not just those that ride with us regularly (that is assuming that anyone else actually bothers to read this blog let alone visit it!)

Sunday 12th October 2008

Final change of plan agreed on Saturday evening and Sunday saw a new meeting place, Registry Office car park on Woburn St, no not the long awaited marriage of Blox and his beloved Trek, but a convenient launch pad for a trip to Woburn woods. Three of us made it, Richard, Neil and myself, bikes in or on cars (minimise travel time, maximise ride time) Richard led the way to a car park somewhere in the woods and so began the marvellous mystery tour for Neil and myself as we took it in turns to blindly follow Richards back wheel around the wood’s tracks and trails.
At times Woburn golf course appeared through the woods but for all I had any idea as to where I was it may as well have been St Andrews (or given the weather on the day maybe Augusta!). Great single track, plenty of sand and roots and lots of trees (some are quite close together as Neil seemed consistently (but probably only occasionally) to find out) (apparently the bars on his new Trek are three inches wider than on his old one) I just call it poor spatial awareness!
Back to the cars absolutely knackered, but very happy with a good two hours ride, only to be told by Neil’s computer we’d only managed 10 miles!! I blame it on my snapping yet another spoke in the back wheel!
Thanks to Richard for acting as tour guide, another couple of times and one of us others may be able to remember some of the route!

Wednesday 8th October 2008

With the bike back in one piece and raring to go I met the others at the junction of Dunstable St and Arthur St, Blox and Carbon Paul were already there and from the end of their conversation it became apparent that Xmassy was still recovering from his latest bout of man flu!
Another set of lights approached up Arthur St and Neil rolled up to join us. Keen to get going the four of us set off to follow the normal route, as we joined Woburn St by the rugby club, Blox and I in the front became aware that there was no longer two bikes behind us but three! Richard had managed to catch us, after being late and assuming we had gone! The rest of the ride was the usual blast through the woods, haul up the field, splash through the stream, tear along the farm track, drag down the road, bit of fun in the woods before getting stuck in the mud by the motorway bridge, last climb up the field into Steppingley and the final road race back up the bypass to Station Road and a refreshing pint or three in the Engine.
Yet another Wednesday safely under the ever decreasing belt.

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Saturday 18th October - Cannock Chase

Boys, a few of us are going to Cannock Chase on Saturday. I think there are a few trails but one main red / black man made type run that looks good fun. Its only about 7 miles so it might be a lap or two. If you fancy it then meet in the Old Court House car park in Woburn Street about 8.15 am. I plan to be home about 5 or so, after a couple of pints! Hope to see you then.

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Ampthill Mountain Bikers 5th October Course

Despite the threat of bad weather Niel and myself set off on the usual course over towards Eversholt and Tingreth. With the ground so damp and wet we struggled to pass a jogger out in the woods (very embarrassing!)

Only two stops this time, once for me with half the woods stick in my front gear set and the second was Neil's first puncture in ages, so with very wet feet, sodden clothes and very very muddy faces we completed the nice and refreshing Sunday course below, now for the score on the door: -

Total Distance: 16.00 miles
Riding Time: 1 hour 21 minutes 33 seconds
Total Time Out: 1 hour 38 minutes
Average Pace: 5:05 /mi
Average Speed: 11.8 MPH
Max Speed: 25.3 MPH
Total Calories: 1704 Cal
Total Ascent: 2878ft
Total Descent: 2898ft

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