Monday, 25 May 2009

Bank Holiday Monday Rideout

Rob, Carbon Paul and me are meeting at 1.00pm outside the cottage bakery today for a ride out. If that isnt enough to tempt you to join us the engine is putting on a free BBQ from 2.00pm onwards which of course we will be partaking in. See you there!!

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Monday 18th May

On Monday it was decided that we would do the now infamous "normal" route.
During the day and early evening the weather was very changable, one minute sunny, then absolutely wetting it down then it seemed a hurricane was starting, but by the time we all met at the bakery things seemed to have settled down. Out for the ride was Carbon Paul, Daniel, Rob and I. Well it was a little slippy and muddy in places but a whole lot of fun, Daniel has now realised that riding without your back brake half on actually makes for an easier ride, but it probably has help improve fitness quite a bit!!!!
The whole evening was a good one, adding on an additional field, going over the motorway instead of under it, the flies going up the brook are minging, as i found out again by going first and straight into the swarm talkng to paul, so there really was not any need for food as i had had my fill of protein at that point. One of the highlights of the evening was rob turning round to see what was going on and flipping over his bike, then paul getting a little over confident and quick and nearly flying off into the brambles. Then it was all back to the Oss for some of Skips chicken wings, drummers dips and nachos. Cracking ride - no stops, bring on thursday

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Thursday 14th

I am not about tonight lads as I am heading over to Chicksands at about 6 starting from Clophill. Have a good ride and hopefully will see you next Thursday

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Saturday 9th May Morning Ride

Only Fuz and I made it out this morning and we decided upon the Millbrook route which suitd me as it was annoying that I didnt make it up the gravel hill. We set off through the village and along the bridalway and luckily this time I managed to make it up the gravel hill! The rest of the ride passed without incident and was an enjoyable saturday morning spin.

Map of route below:,-0.4949429929256439&q=

Stats were:
Total time: 1hr 15 mins
Average speed: 7.2 mph
Max speed: 33.2 mph
Total Distance: 9.02 miles

I may go out tomoz so if anyone is interested then leave a message on here and Ill check later this evening

Friday, 8 May 2009

Thursday 7th May Ride

So we did a different route tonight - heading around Millbrook. Four of us made it out from the Albion and we headed over towards Millbrook round by the church and into the village. Just before the proving ground we turned left with what seemed to be never-ending rain. Along the back of the proving ground we came along by the 45 deg slopes and up the steep gravel hill one at a time. All but myself made it as I didn't have the balance (I may go back and try it on Sunday!). We continued to track the edge of the proving ground ending up at another very steep hill which none of us made it up. Not quite sure what happened but I couldn't unclip and started rolling backwards into Dave who had to abandon his bike! Sorry Dave!

We then headed down towards the A507 before heading right into steppingly woods and going the opposite way to which we usually do popping out by staples and then heading back to Ampthill, over Coopers Hill, down Station Lane ending in the Engine.

Stats were:
Elapsed time: 1hr 14mins (includes stops)
Distance: 8.5 miles
Avg Speed: 6.8mph
Max Speed: 26.4 mph

Have put the route on the map below although I think the GPS had some issues in Steppingly Wood as not sure we did the straght line it suggests!,-0.4947569966316223&q=

As for the weekend I will be starting from 8 in the usual place on Saturday if anyone wants to join me (I believe Fuz is and possibly Blox). Will prob go out on Sunday too but will post when I decided a time!

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Thursday and weekend ride?

Ok so I assume we are out on Thursday again this week?

Also Michelle is working Saturday and Sunday so I have both days free and was thinking of doing a ride on both of them anyone care to join me?! Can do anytime during the day really. I have set up a poll on the right side assuming that it works but we will see! So either reply on here or vote on the poll! And see you on Thursday!

Friday, 1 May 2009

Thursday 30th April - Ampthill to Chicksands

Well a fun and eventful ride last night as 8 of us set of from the Albion. Cutting across the fields we came into Maulden and up the hill by the church which my bike actually made it up! We continued through Maulden Woods and over the A6 onto some great singletrack through Chicksands woods before arriving at Rowney Warren and the smell of the wild onions!

We then proceeded to follow Neil around Rowney Warren with some rather steep hills to get up not all of which I managed and it was rather entertaining to see Blox fall off going up and Paul falling of on sympathy. After spending quite a time going around Rowney Warren it was time to head back which is where it all went wrong as my inner tube seemed to explode throwing slime about. The hole was to big to patch but luckily Neil had a spare tube and Daniel's CO2 allowed for a quick change over. The new inner tube however continued to go down slowly leaving me struggling back. Thanks to Daniel and Fuz for waiting with me.

The evening finished with a few pints in the engine! Overall a great if tiring ride with some new challenges on the route. Below are the stats for the ride which are fairly good and would have been back quicker if not for the tyre problems.

The stats are from my house:

Total Distance: 21.58 miles
Average speeds: 10.1 mph
Max speed: 24.4 mph
Total riding time: 2hrs 7 minutes

There was discussion about what time to go out on Monday. I was going to do a poll but it appears that I dont have user privileges to run one so post on here what time you want to go out on Monday!

Daniel: Will get you some new CO2 canisters
Neil: let me know when you are next out and I will get you a spare inner tube