Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Afan - February 2009

Right, firstly let me apologise for the lack of input to this blog for the last month, that's an apology from me as well as everyone else that has access to create posts (you know who you are).

On going discussions (with who ever was out riding) mean we have come up with the following proposal.

Date: Weekend of the 21st and 22nd February 2008
Ride/s: Saturday 21st White's Level Trail - Distance 15km Climb 525m Time 1.5 to 3hrs
Sunday 22nd The Wall - Distance 23km Climb 450m Time 1.5 to 3hrs
(Optional Ride: Friday evening (night ride, Lights) Cwmcarn - Distance ? Climb ? Time appox 1.5hrs?)
For further details on the trails check out
Saturday ride currently afternoon to allow those unable to travel on the Friday to arrive, Sunday ride morning to allow time to travel home during the afternoon.

Don't know what there is available in the villages but I'm sure they have pubs in wales, and I do hear that they are fairly keen on food also. There are cafes available for breakfasts or kitty for cook ourselves.

There appears to be a plethera of available accomodation cottages/houses to rent for the weekend within the villages of Glyncorrwg, Cymer and Abercregan (the 3 villages at the start/finish of the routes) going rate for Friday - Sunday for upto six appears to be approx £250 total. What we book depends upon the numbers and availability, so now we come to the crunch!!!!

If you are seriously interested to coming on this little jaunt then its time to stump up the cash.
I would like to book accomodation this side of xmas so £30 secures your spot ASAP but no later than 19th December 2008.

To give an idea of numbers those showing an interest already (but yet to pay) are:
Me, Simon (my little bro), Blox (+2 others), Richard, Neil, Andy, Paul, Xmasy.

Any questions or comments please get straight back to me via blog, text, phone or email.


Blox said...

I'm there, come on everyone else get blogging!

fuz said...

Neil replied on my facebook something along the lines of "I'm coming, will pay you when I see you next, hope the accomodation is 5 star!"

fuz said...

Just for clarity, the estimate of £250 for accomodation is divided by six or how ever many are going NOT each!

fuz said...

Looks like that's the full count then:
Simon (brother)
Carbon (Riding only)

Money please so I can book somewhere soon!

xmas said...

I have finally figured out how to use this new fangled blog thing, It's only taken me 3 months!! I'll be round with the money this weekend and a bottle of wine to celebrate the fact I am not longer a blog virgin! I just hope your bike is fixed before February.

fuz said...

To keep you all up to date, accomodation is booked and deposit paid (xmas and neil take note!)Sunday night is free so we can get showered etc after the sunday ride and leave whenever we like.

xmas said...

I'll see you tomorrow with money in hand!

Dave said...

Ok I would love to come i think that blox said neil was not going so is this space still available? if it is who is the best person to give my money to?

fuz said...

Give your money to Blox would be best as he lives next door to me. Nice to have you on board for the trip!