Tuesday, 9 June 2009

CO2 Cartridges and pump

Hey everyone I brought a box of 30 CO2 cartridges so if anyone wants any let me know. They cost £15.66 for 30 of them so 50p each. Let me know and ill bring them on my next ride.

Also I got this CO2 inflator because I didnt think they would work with my inflator I already have. As it turns out they do so this is surplus to my requirements. If anyone wants it let me know - £6 will do includes 2 cartridges


See you all soon!


fuz said...

I'll take that off your hands thanks, should hopefully be out Thursday.

Rob said...

ok mate im not out on Thursday (inlaws are visiting) but will be out next Monday so will being it along then!

fuz said...

Ok see you monday.