Monday, 17 August 2009

Posts Owed

I owe this Blog a number of well overdue posts stretching back to before I disappeared to sunny mid France (without the bike) for a well earned (in my opinion) rest. So in no particular order (other than chronological) here goes.

16 July 2009 Thursday
Although I didn’t make the ride I did manage to meet up with Dave/Blox/Neil/Richard/Carbon Paul and Daniel for the after ride Indian Banquet at the Drovers Arms. I arrived to find the others partaking a no doubt well earned imperial measure on the patio in front of said establishment, only for the rain to start and drive us inside. After a number of ales dinner was served and we sat in the rear conservatory listening to the by now torrential downpour drumming on the glass above, however the beer and particularly the fine quality and quantity of food was enough to distract and we all ate our full share.
The ride home was fun enough should you like feeling like a goldfish, with only two of the party feeling unable to battle the elements and arranging alternative ‘drier’ transport homewards (Neil and Richard hope you made it safely!).
Big thank you to The Drovers Arms for a fabulous spread, we will be back).

6 August 2009 Thursday
First ride out since returning from holiday and I can’t wait,
4pm at work, glorious day outside and raring to go!
5pm(5:30 if anyone from work is reading) In the car, beginning to get a little dark!
6pm arrive home, thunder lightening and torrential rain!
6:30pm text from Xmassey “Due to inclement weather im going straight to engine. All other wimps are welcome to join me!”

Just Blox and myself out, everything going well albeit very wet and muddy, when completely out of the blue (well black actually) something decides to knock me clean off the bike, I find myself on my back in the bracken with the world spinning. Blox returns to the scene and deals with offending branch that I hit head on right across the front of my helmet, while I get my land legs back. We finished the usual course with only a couple of minor offs, mainly due to my being slightly spaced!
Decided to give the pub a miss, as I felt drunk enough!

At this point I’d like to thank my helmet sponsors (me) on the excellent head gear provided and ask them to dig deep to provide a worthy replacement as it is now cracked! Thank you branch!

10 August 2009 Monday
Two different start times this week
Riders present 7:00pm Carbon Paul/Dave 7:30pm Blox/Xmassey/Myself
The 7:30 group took the ‘normal’ route without too much incident ending in the Engine for after ride drinks. Chicken wings and nachos provided courtesy of Carbon Paul and the Engines kitchen facilities. Many thanks!

13 August 2009 Thursday
Only supposed to be one group tonight, but I was late
Carbon Paul/Dave/Xmassey followed by somewhere between 5 and 10 minutes behind by me!I followed the normal route and frequent intelligence reports from the public indicated I was not far behind, but the quarry was never overhauled mainly due to mechanical failure and a slow puncture, that is until the Engine where I joined them for a refreshing pint.

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