Saturday, 26 December 2009

Last ride of 2009

Time to shake of the Christmas hangover in preparartion for the New Year one to come.

By mutual agreement (of those out last Monday and those I've bumped into since) we are going out on Bank Holiday Monday 28 December 2009 - the last official outing of 2009.
The starting time will be 11:00 meet in the usual place (Albion / Cottage Bakery on Dunstable Street, for anyone who fancies joining us), late enough for people to get up and early enough for them not to have started drinking again yet!

Hope to see as many of you out as possible and anyone one else reading this that have yet to jump in, or simply need to get on the bikes over the Christmas period.

Drinks in the Engine after, would be rude not to.

For those that can't make it hope you had a good christmas and wishing you a Happy New Year. See you in 2010 (when I'm not in Grimsby!).

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