Friday, 3 September 2010

last days of summer

well last week we thought that winter was here, venturing out on thursday 26th august me and massey set off at 7 in the cold and rain, both wearing water proofs after a real slog of a ride in the mud with me nearly coming off 3 times (due to my tyres being 50PSI and pinging off roots left right and centre) we got back to the pub and as it wasnt as cold as we thought so i was wetter on the inside of my waterproof than the rest of my body which was a lesson learnt!!!! Paul then turned up in a similar state. As we sat in the pub window we noticed a splinter cell group cycling past in the wind and rain. Well this week the summer seems to have returned, both tuesdays and thursdays ride were done in glorious sunshine and with not even a hint of a breeze both rides were done at a decent enough pace and with Paul having the funniest off on tuesday the fun never stops!!!!!
there has been very little activity on here so i thought i would try and coax people out for the last few rides of summer before the dredded bog returns!!!!!
so get your bikes out of the shed and come on out for a blast we are still doing tuesdays and thursday leaving the e and t at 7
hope to see you out soon

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Claire said...

I dont live in AMpthill any more.

If I happen to be over that way on a night you are out I'll try and remember to bring my bike!