Monday, 26 January 2009

Saturday 24th January 2009 course and stats

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The map is a little off i belive due to a fall by myself on what I thought was a puddle but turned out to be sheer ice. Very badly brused arm, leg and very sore shoulder. The bike lever is now pointing the wrong way. Hopefully Nick will fix that for me.

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Total Distance - 11.99 miles
Total Time - 1 hour 28 minutes 48 seconds
Avg Pace - 7:24 /mi
Avg Speed - 8.1 mph
Max Speed - 25.0 mph
Total Ascent - 5705ft
Total Descent - 5858ft


Robert said...

Hi i'm moving to ampthill in about 3 weeks. I currently go out with my flat mate but he is moving away from the area. Stumbled across your blog on the internet and would be interested in coming out with you guys but dont want to hold you up or anything! Didnt know how good you all were? Cheers

Blox said...

Hi Robert,
It's good to hear you moving in to Ampthill and want to join us.

We'd like you to come out with us, the more the merrier. We meet up on Monday's and Wednesday's at 7pm outside the Albion Pub on Dunstable Street, or we go out on Saturday's around 9-10am for a couple of hours.

The Monday and Wednesday evenings always end up in the pub after about an hour to an hour and a half ride.

Without insulting myself and the rest of boys too much, we're not hardcore mountain bikers trying to break and land speed records, we're more into the latest gadget to add to the bike or ourselves (ask carbon Paul!) and the beer after for a chat and banter.

We look forward to seeing you out.

Robert said...

Hi Blox,

Thanks I'm moving in a couple of weeks so will be in touch then. Do you have an email address for the group that I can contact you on?

Also I work at Millbrook so I am going to start commuting to work on my bike as it is only just down the road! Are there any trails that I could use to get to Millbrook from Ampthill? I had a look on an ordnance survey map today and could only find footpaths!

Many Thanks!

Blox said...


We normally post everything on the blog. It gets distributed around all of us straight away.

The footpath is the only clean way between Ampthill and Millbrook this time of year.

fuz said...

You must be in Ampthill by now Robert, when are you going to join us for a ride out?