Thursday, 8 January 2009

Vote to change the weekend riding day

We need to have a vote on a changing the weekend riding day, from a Sunday to a Saturday.

The reason for changing to a Saturday is: -

a. Too many other commitments on a Sunday for the majority of the group’s riders
b. New members can only make a Saturday
c. Helps with the clearing of the head due to the night before excess
d. Very early Sunday mornings are meant for a lay in!
e. etc. etc.

The reason for not changing to a Saturday is: -

a. Down to you lot to come up with a reason!

Let me know what you all think



Claire said...

hmm...i have been watching whats been happening on your blog for a while and have been thinking of joining you at some point - just keep thinking of excuses not to go out in the cold!! Wouldn't be able to go on Saturdays though as I have karate in the afternoon.

fuz said...

When I finally:
a) Mend my back
b) Mend my bike (or get the new one delivered)
I will be unable to make Sunday rides as Rich is now playing Rugby (when it gets a bit warmer Louise might take him!!).
Claire, there is always the mid-week evenings? Used to be Wednesdays 7:00 but (not having been for a while) I believe may now be Mondays?
I am sure someone that has been regularly will update the blog!

Claire said...

If its still Wednesday I cant do that either as I will be footy training!
When you say evening how late do you mean - I have no lights for my bike :-/

fuz said...

Claire, You'll have to have a word with Carbonpaul, he's got 3 or 4 sets! I think he's collecting them!!

John said...

Hi, so when do you ride? Saturday or Sunday, what

I'd be interested in joining a local weekend ride some time. Or an evening when its a bit lighter

Do you start from Ampthill or head over to Woburn Sands?


Blox said...

Hi John,

We go out Saturday's normally around 9:30 -10am and either head towards Woburn or Chicksands (We will post all Saturday trails). We go out for about an 1.5 to 2.5 hours normally.

It depends on the course where we start but mainly from the main road running through Ampthill outside the bakery.

Monday's and Wednesday's from 7pm for a 14 - 20 mile trail towards Woburn and back to Ampthill.

Would love to see you out with us. Post when your joining us so we make sure we wait for you at the start