Sunday, 8 March 2009

Evans Cycle Ride It Challenge 28th March


Who's up for the Evans Cycle ride in a few weeks round the local Bow Brickhill route?

Neil has mentioned this to me as a really good steady ride out on a Saturday morning, but the main thing is all the 50% off the goodies on sale at the start/finish line. Get this; you can even try before you buy, so anyone who wants new gloves etc. get them before your ride out, then just hand them back or buy them after you've finished the ride.

All the details of the ride and the download of the GPRS is on the link below.

Click the title or copy and paste the URL below to view and download forms and details.



Robert said...

On a slightly different note - is anyone going out for an evening ride next week? Would like to come out with you but busy the next two weekends. Cheers Rob

krista said...

Would you be interested in coverage of sustainable mountain bike trails and featuring Dafydd Davies on your site?

Dafydd Davies pioneered the development of Britain's first purpose built mountain bike trails at Coed y Brenin and later the worlds first publicly funded strategic mountain bike trail development in Wales by developing trails at five forests throughout the country.

I would like to draw attention to a video in which he speaks about sustainable trail development and it's impact.

I hope this subject is of interest to you for coverage.

Kind regards,


fuz said...

Next weeks rides should be Monday and Wednesday 7:00pm meet at the Cottage Bakery / Albion Pub / Dunstable St/Baker St junction (selection of landmarks given dependant upon social bent). Hope to see you then!

Blox said...

Hi Krista,

Can you send us a link please, so we can check it out and put it on the blog, or can we come along and experiance it first hand?

Sounds very good! We like to promote sustainable trail around the UK.

Blox :)

fuz said...


Back to the original thread, I'm up for the evans ride it, and just for the heck of it my vote is fo rthe long!! route. Any other takers?