Thursday, 2 April 2009

Saturday ride anyone?

Sorry I couldn't make it out last night. Decided to do some of the route on my way home from work and on the flat just before the downhill section in Steppingley woods my rear mech decided to place it self in my rear wheel. Hence a bent mech, mech hanger, broken chain and bent spoke! Pic below

So anyway ordered the new parts and they should hopefully be arriving tomorrow, which if they do I want to get them on the bike and go for a ride on Saturday is anyone about to show me some more of the local trails?!

Thanks! Rob


Dave said...

I am not about this weekend mate, that rear mech looks nasty. I need some new parts for my rear mech so i may be tapping you up for some parts on monday if youre about!!!!

Blox said...

Sorry I'm not out either, as I'm helping a mate out all Saturday. I'll see everyone on Monday

fuz said...

It does look a mess Rob! Not out saturday either I'm afraid. Dave I still have the remains of my XT rear mech that a trashed at Afan back in september, if you want to scavinge any bits from it your welcome.