Saturday, 21 November 2009

Ampthill Mountain Bikers Saturday ride

As I and D missed Monday and Thursday's ride out, we decided to go out on a ride this morning to make up for the for it.

To start off we went over to Milbrook test track to see if Pudsey bear was still hanging around after Children in Need last night, but only found damp steep hills along with very wet sticky mud. With D's new bike we both made easy work of the mud and hills but neither of us made it up the ultimate hill towards Lidlington (you know the one, the one that only Neil has done!). Really good down hill in to Lidlington then more hills kept coming at us but we made it over the top and on to the usual course over towards Eversholt.

Everything was great even got through the bog, which has got much harder, until I had to fall off my bike to save a very rare species of bird hopping around in my path, it had nothing to do with going in to a corner over wet leaves on concrete to fast! ask D, I'm sure he'll back me up.

Really good ride, I think a Saturday morning ride is going to have to be a regular thing!

Stats: -

Ride time - 1 hour 38 minutes

Mileage - 16.41 miles

Calories - 1583c

Elevation Gain - 655m

Avg Speed - 10 MPH

Max Speed - 25 MPH

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