Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Monday 2nd Nov

Mondays ride was meant to be a nice easy affair with Paul, Massey and myself all recovering from colds.
We met at the usual spot and decided that we would do the normal ride and even do the short route as we were all feeling the effects of the man flu that has been going around (well that I spread to everyone). First of all the light that Paul donates to Dee would not switch on but with a bit of taking the batteries out and giving them a rub, they eventually worked and we were off.
I was at the front heading to Millbrook and when I got to the top of the hill about to cross the road I looked back to see the other 3 further back. I thought oh perhaps I am not too bad and I had blasted up the hill, I waited for them to catch up, playing with my lights and not taking much notice of what the others were doing. After a few minutes I thought where are they, I realised they hadn’t moved so thought something must be up. It turned out Paul had a puncture, which we pumped up and plodded on. After getting into the woods and blasting down the now not so sandy tracks, half way up the hill the battery on my new light decided to jump off my bike into darkness, so I had to turn back and go hunting for that. I found that and caught the boys up, Paul then decided his tyre was going flat again so decided to turn back and head to the pub. Dee, Massey and myself then plodded on, after possibly the slowest ride I have ever done since I started this mountain biking lark and after coughing up about 5 litres of flem and one of my lungs we made it back to the pub for some well earned food and beers.
Hopefully Thursday will be without as many incidents and marginally quicker!!!!


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