Wednesday, 6 January 2010

first 'Tuesday' ride of 2010

The first tuesday ride of 2010 was a quiet one with just Paul, Rob and myself out for a ride. The ride was a belter, apart from the cold the ground was superb reminding us all of summer riding as the ground was so hard and frozen it was almost the same as riding in the finer months of the year. The ride was set at a fast pace considering that none of us have done a thing (apart from eat and drink far too much), which is a good thing as i know i have put on about a stone over the festive season and now i am in a desperate bid to get rid of it. Towards the end of the ride it did start to snow and now sitting at work i know on thursday we will need chains on our tyres!!!!!!
The weight shedding was kicked off with a good start with the ride being set at a good pace, what probably didnt help was the 5 pints in the e and t after as well as the 5-6 slices of a couple of very tasty pizzas (cheers Paul).
We will have to see about the ride on Thursday, no doubt there will be a few of us in the e and t anyway in the bike gear even if we end up just biking to the pub!!!!
see you Thursday

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