Friday, 8 January 2010

thursday 07 Jan 2010

Well last's nights ride was without shadow of doubt the toughest completed loop we have done around our usual circuit.
Only Carbon Paul and myself managed to make it out in the snow, both of our women folk called us mental for even considering it, as soon as we set off we knew it was going to be a special one as the paths were just covered in ice and snow. After getting into the woods the going got really tough as the snow was still deep and frozen underneath so we we trying to get some sort of traction but as soon as you got the wheels spinning they hit the ice and just kept spinning on the spot. After managing to get through the woods and onto the roads, i think we prefered it in the woods, none of the roads have had any grit put on them so they are just solid ice sheets which made riding on them extremely slippy and potentially dangerous as cars that came down also had no grip so were sliding as much as we were. The bog was mental as you could not tell where anything started so the only indication you were in it was the horrible sound ogf you cracking through the ice when you were on it. Going up the farmers field was the hardest it has ever been so by the time we got back to the engine both me and paul had said that it was the most tired we had ever felt after doing that ride. It was a good job Rob and Michelle were there with 75 pieces of indian bits and bobs, bajis, samosas etc and dips washed down with a few pints of speckled hen before a trundle home a warm bath and then i was straight to bed as i was shattered.
It was still a real good laugh, mind you i do wish the snow would sod off as i am quite bored of it now!!!!
see you tuesday

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Anonymous said...

Hi folks,
Long time no ride for me.
I dont know how to start a new topic, I'm moving out of the area soon so want to sell my Bike if anyone is interested.

Its the 2009 Scott Spark 50, in white, Full sus, only 550 ish miles on the clock. I think it weights 27lb. Good condition. £750.test rides available etc. Its barely been ridden since September 09.