Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Thursday and weekend ride?

Ok so I assume we are out on Thursday again this week?

Also Michelle is working Saturday and Sunday so I have both days free and was thinking of doing a ride on both of them anyone care to join me?! Can do anytime during the day really. I have set up a poll on the right side assuming that it works but we will see! So either reply on here or vote on the poll! And see you on Thursday!


Dave said...

I am out on thursday as are chris and paul, so hopefully there will be a good turn out.
I won't be out at the weekend mate, but good idea i will be doing some weekend riding soon

fuz said...

Sorry can't make it Thursday, got retirement drinks in Cambridge, will try to get back to join you for a drink!
Saturday would be the best day for a weekend ride for me (will have a hangover on Sunday) let me know when you are thinking early morning would probably keep the family happiest!