Friday, 1 May 2009

Thursday 30th April - Ampthill to Chicksands

Well a fun and eventful ride last night as 8 of us set of from the Albion. Cutting across the fields we came into Maulden and up the hill by the church which my bike actually made it up! We continued through Maulden Woods and over the A6 onto some great singletrack through Chicksands woods before arriving at Rowney Warren and the smell of the wild onions!

We then proceeded to follow Neil around Rowney Warren with some rather steep hills to get up not all of which I managed and it was rather entertaining to see Blox fall off going up and Paul falling of on sympathy. After spending quite a time going around Rowney Warren it was time to head back which is where it all went wrong as my inner tube seemed to explode throwing slime about. The hole was to big to patch but luckily Neil had a spare tube and Daniel's CO2 allowed for a quick change over. The new inner tube however continued to go down slowly leaving me struggling back. Thanks to Daniel and Fuz for waiting with me.

The evening finished with a few pints in the engine! Overall a great if tiring ride with some new challenges on the route. Below are the stats for the ride which are fairly good and would have been back quicker if not for the tyre problems.

The stats are from my house:

Total Distance: 21.58 miles
Average speeds: 10.1 mph
Max speed: 24.4 mph
Total riding time: 2hrs 7 minutes

There was discussion about what time to go out on Monday. I was going to do a poll but it appears that I dont have user privileges to run one so post on here what time you want to go out on Monday!

Daniel: Will get you some new CO2 canisters
Neil: let me know when you are next out and I will get you a spare inner tube


Anonymous said...

yep, a belting ride out.
Rob - did you find out what was going on with the puncture in the end? CO2 canisters are the threadless 16g variety.

I managed a tree/handlebar tankslapper moment and trod on my front wheel, slightly buckling it but nothing a well directed whack and spoke tweak wont fix. I fought off the pixies deep in chicksands wood though.

The legs are not too bad today.


Rob said...

Hi Daniel.

I pumped up the tyre again today and seems ok so I think the core was loose hense the slow leak! Ordered some cartridges today so will pass some onto you when your next out!



fuz said...

I Can't get a Poll to work (and I have the permission)! Not really a best or good time for me Monday, keep me informed and I'll request permission nicely from the wife!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I'm about all day monday now, so anytime is fine

Blox said...

It's going to tip it down all day, so it doesn't make any difference to me when we all go out.
2pm or 3pm then we've all got the evening to ourselves


Rob said...

Doesnt look like anyone is out today so see youall on Thursday.

Blox said...

I'll be out of anyone else is!!!!!