Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Monday 18th May

On Monday it was decided that we would do the now infamous "normal" route.
During the day and early evening the weather was very changable, one minute sunny, then absolutely wetting it down then it seemed a hurricane was starting, but by the time we all met at the bakery things seemed to have settled down. Out for the ride was Carbon Paul, Daniel, Rob and I. Well it was a little slippy and muddy in places but a whole lot of fun, Daniel has now realised that riding without your back brake half on actually makes for an easier ride, but it probably has help improve fitness quite a bit!!!!
The whole evening was a good one, adding on an additional field, going over the motorway instead of under it, the flies going up the brook are minging, as i found out again by going first and straight into the swarm talkng to paul, so there really was not any need for food as i had had my fill of protein at that point. One of the highlights of the evening was rob turning round to see what was going on and flipping over his bike, then paul getting a little over confident and quick and nearly flying off into the brambles. Then it was all back to the Oss for some of Skips chicken wings, drummers dips and nachos. Cracking ride - no stops, bring on thursday

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