Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Food for Thursday's Ride anyone??

I will be buying chicken wings tonight for tomorrow's ride. If you want me to pick some up for you let me know how many via this blog and you can give me the money for them in the E&T after the ride (£1.20 for 8 wings - I'm having 16!).

PS - I am too old and hurt too much after Afan to even contemplate Monday's ride - what a great weekend though, can't wait for the next one!!


Dave said...

mate sign me up for 16, i am there and looking forward to some protein after the old ride

Blox said...

Hi mate,
I'll be out for the ride but not for the chicken!
See you at 7pm

Rob said...

Wish I could make it but unfortunately I am sitting in Turin at the moment and my flight doesnt get in to Gatwick until 19.00 :-(. Will see you out on monday!