Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Monday 21st September

It was a good turn out for this ride, I met Paul at the e and t and we had a ride to the Albion (opposite the bakery) where we met up with Blox, Dee and Neil we rode to the memorial to meet Rob, from there it was the usual banter to the woods. The first downhill proved to be tricky for me and my bike didnt feel in control, not helped by the sand. Then by the time we got to the next down hill (along the fence) my bike really was not handling right at all once again i put this down to the amount of sand that is down there at the minute, when i got to the bottom it soon became clear that it wasnt just me being crap but that i actually had a puncture. luckily thanks to rob we pumped it up with the old slimes and CO2 we thought that that would be the end of that. however by the time i got to the gates it was flat again, typically i had no spare inner tube, but luckily Blox was packing one, so the old joke comes into play "how many mountain bikers does it take to change an inner tube?" well the answer was 4 (me, neil, Blox and Rob). from there the ride was a good pace and no more incidents meant that we were back in the pub for 20:30 to enjoy some of Pauls now famous Nachos and Robs delicious chilli. For the food and drinks Paul, Rob and I were joined by someone who clearly needed some refreshments after a hard bike ride, Justin who was wearing his usual biking gear, trousers shirt and shoes!!!!!!!
Bring on Afan this weekend for those who are going and I am looking forward to meeting my hobbit friends.
We will be meeting for the usual monday ride to compare injuries and swap stories!!!!!

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