Thursday, 17 September 2009

Monday 14 September 'Where have the light evenings gone?'

Good turn out for the evenings ride Me/Blox/Xmasy/Carbon Paul/Neil/Richard and newbie D followed the 'usual' route (note to whoever is interested: we must make the effort to vary a little more, even if it means riding longer! Camp my be divided!)

Anyway from were I was (at the back) it looked like Neil set the pace (again) (would be nice to see the ferret up the hills in Afan)(too many bracket?)(who cares!). The track at the back of Steppingly(CP) woods was VERY sandy and made for fun time (didn't quite catch the Blox!).

Caught up with D just before the steam into Eversholt, well I say caught, he had actually stopped, wondering if the right way was up the steam or had he missed a turn somewhere!

I finally convinced him we were going the right way and the pair of us swept up Richard on the fram track from eversholt to tingrith.

The road back to eversholt saw a shout from Richard with a flat tyre, I stopped to lend a hand and was shortly joined by D who having lost the group in front had suddenly found himself all alone so turned back to find us.

We entered the woods between eversholt and the motorway footbridge with D's lights going very dim, discretion the better part of valour and al that so Richard and D took the smooth track while I headed into the ditches (no moths to eat this time).

Through the bog without a foot down (more like a big hole now than a bog) and Richard needed a new tube on the footbridge.
I like the field climb in the dark, you can't see how far you have to go to the top!
And a quick blast back from steppingly to the engine and tender for beer and food (including Carbon Pauls pissed chilli).
Thanks to D for joining us, hope to see you again soon, hopefully you joining us may incourage others to do likewise!

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