Friday, 30 October 2009

Monday night ride with Blox, Neil, Dee

As you'll see from the stats below, Monday's ride was always going to be a challenge! Firstly Dee kept up easily with Neil and myself on his bone shaker of a bike and secondly note to all, always carry two spare inner tubes and gas!!!

We went over the top of Ampthill hill and went over to Milbrook followed by with the extra corner added at the bottom of the sandy downhill out of Milbrook woods (just for good measure) Like I already said Neil and I didn't stop just slowed down on the flats for Dee to draw level (which he did within a few seconds).

We joined up with the normal course through Eversholt and Tingrith and popped out by the Drovers Arms in Stepingley where we decided to go off to Flitwick woods. There lies our error! within half a mile Neil has two flat tyres with 4+ punctures and I had a flat back puncture! Dee on his slicks was fine.

I guess it doesn't always pay to be at the front! The two of us ran along side Dee on his bike to the nearest street light and tried to fix the bikes. With only one inner tube between three tyres we attempted to fix up the punctures with my repair kit. Only one gas canister to boot we tried pumping up the tyres with my crappy pump. Needless to say Neil walk to his sisters for a lift and Dee and I limped home with a slow flat back tyre. We were going great guns until then.

Big bulk order of inner tubes and gas canisters are now on order so this never happens again.

Here's the link for the Profloat CO2 pump (40psi on a MTB or 130 psi on a road bike tube)

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