Sunday, 7 September 2008

Ampthill Mountain Bikers 7th September Course

Sundays course (07-09-08)for you all to download and view. Best viewed in Google Earth!

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Colin Bradley said...

It's all looking like good muddy fun, Paul!!

Am just about to buy an MTB (any recommendations?), then I think I'll join you for a ride over your way.



Blox said...

Funny you should mention that, I'm just about to go over to Phil Corley’s Cycles in MK to buy a Trek EX-8 bike, 12 month interest free with a £200 discount off the asking price. It's now classed as last year’s model, but it was voted best bike of 2008!!!

One of our regular riders has just brought the Trek EX-9 bike and is selling his older Trek for £800 if you are interested?

Your more than welcome to join us anytime, it would be good for you and Jevon to come over and have a couple of beers after.