Monday, 1 September 2008

Wednesday 20th August Biking

With 2 of the 3 riders arriving late (like this blog) and with the 'summer' nights already getting shorter this epic was always going to be a bit more of a sprint!
We set off along what has become known as the 'normal' route (does need to change) but subsequently cut out various sections such as the fields by Lodge Farm over to Cobblers Lane, and the Church End Eversholt to Water End loop via Mill Farm.
Unprintable quote of the ride was from Paul, it came about 5 minutes after informing us of his intention to miss out Eversholt, only to be asked how it felt to be there already as we exited the stream at Brook End. Drinks to finish in the Engine with Paul still questioning our parentage!

Total time riding ??
Calories burnt ??
Miles covered ??

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