Monday, 15 September 2008

Wednesday 10th September Biking

Hello all,

Wednesday brought a good group out on their bike consisting of Fuz, Chris Massey, Paul with his new bike, Niel, Derek, Richard and me Blox, also with a sparklingly new bike (Trex Fuel EX-08). A big thank you to all who came out as England football team was playing! We all agreed it was for the best for all to be back in the warmth of the pub by 9pm to watch the second half of the game with a pint in the hand.

Very good ride extremely and a quick pace (probable due to new bike syndrome) with no fallers. By the time we got back into Stepingley, just before the stream leading to Eversholt. Fuz decides to add a little va va voom to the ride announcing "last one out of the other side of the steam buys the first round in the pub"! with the last syllable leaving his mouth he was gone with Richard sharp as a razor setting off at almost the same time, leaving the rest of us trying to clunk our cleats in to our peddles. All I can say is, all I heard coming from the back was poor Chris Massey who's was not feel 100% in his fairness "Oh sod it, I'll buy the bloody drinks".

We all made it back to Ampthill safely apart from Neil who took on the bramble bushes and lost!

Next ride out will be this Wednesday 17th at 7pm outside the Albion Pub

I'll give you all the stats next time for the ride as I forgot my Garmin watch last week.


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