Wednesday, 29 April 2009


Hi Guys,

Long time no see but looking to join you on Thursday. Note you are going to Chicksands. Is this a definate as if so my brother and Gavin may join us. However they live in Silsoe and Clophill so would meet us on route. Therefore can you confirm that you are definately going to Chicksands and the route you will be taking. I will then make arrangements for them to meet us at some point.

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fuz said...

Go on you've twisted my arm, I'm up for Chicksands regardless of weather. Probable route? Bottom of Oliver St across fields to Maulden, through allotments and up the hill to Maulden Church. Through woods to cross A6 in usual place, cross the fields along Old Kiln Lane then up Great Lane and into Chicksand wood. Could meet at A6 crossing or up Great Lane? Couldn't begin to tell you what time though guess would be 7:30?ish?