Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Food on Monday

Hi everyone.

It's Sam here updating for CarbonPaul! I am doing some rather nice food for Monday. £2.00 a head. Please can you let Paul know tomorrow at biking, or email/txt so I can confirm numbers? Thanks.

Sam :-)


Blox said...

is there a menu Sam/Paul????

carbonpaul said...

Greek sheeps balls and grated goldfish...only joking.

Menu will be comprising of sliced mozzarella, marinaded in the finest virgin olive oil, fresh basil, spring onions and black pepper...all laid on a bed of parma ham and baked on ciabatta/focaccia bread. Very filling and tasty - served with kettle chips or similar.

May contain traces of nuts. (Not Carbonpauls as his are in my new handbag).

Dave said...

sign me up buttercup