Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Monday 5 October 2009

Just a couple of things to say:

1. Welcome Claire, first ride out with us tonight and a good show, nice to see someone giving Blox a ride for his money up Station Road, Hope you enjoyed yourself and look forward to seeing you out on Thursday.

2. Xmassy, Dave and Carbon - Beers paid!

3. Yes please for chicken for me on Thursday!!!!!

4. I now know why I spent all that money on the Orange!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Riders out Me, Blox, Xmassy, Dave, Carbon, Dee, Rob and Claire.

Next Monday we will be off to Chicksands, meet in the normal place same time, Xmassy will be seeing about a van for the homeward leg, more time fun riding , less time slog home!!


Blox said...

Good ride, very dusty throat!

Thanks Dee, Claire and Fuz for the sprints around the course, my legs are paying for it now.

Fuz have you got the pics of Afan?

Rob said...

Wont be able to make next Monday as I am on holiday in the lakes although I have managed to persuade Michelle to let me take my bike up so I can do some rides up there. Have a good time!