Monday, 12 October 2009

Monday night ride over to Chicksands

I think we'll all still be smiling as well as aching tomorrow after such a good ride out to Chicksands tonight!

Myself, Fuz, Neil, Dee & Greg chose to take in the fast single tracks and hellish climbs, whilst Dave, Paul & Chris went on the normal route over to Eversholt.

pretty normal start over to Maulden woods (no swinging in the tree vines this time from Neil) with only my light cable coming loss whilst going down the sandy hill making me nearly crap myself.

We all decided to let Fuz go first down his favourite single track just outside of Chicksands woods. It was the right decision to let him rip or should I say calve his own track down there, no stump or branch stood a chance with his Giant hardtail thundering through, needless to say no one got close to him so he finished with a celebrated chunder at the end!!!!

Chicksands is just the best place in the dark, you don't feel the fatigued for some reason, probably the adrenaline kicking in as you go speeding down the track with roots pinging you up every two seconds.

Another single track race down and out of the woods with no crashes and up in to Haynes along the road. We headed back down through Limbersey Lane in Maulden at a really good speed with myself and Neil racing only to be over taken by the flying Fuz which was not expected.

All very good and definitely what we all needed.

I've put the states on the link below: -


Claire said...

Wish I could have made it but had to make an emergency trip to the vet because our cat was attacked :-(

Fingers crossed I'll be out on Thursday! (Can't remember who but someone said they might have some lights they could lend me?)

Dave said...

I don't know who said about the lights but so far there is only Carbon Paul and myself out, and i know it wasnt me that had said about the lights so unless it was him chances are you will need your own for the ride on thursday.