Monday, 20 April 2009

Monday 20th April Ride

5 of us set off from outside the Albion this evening on a very nice but cool evening. We proceeded along the normal long route and made good progress. Was a little wet in areas but the downhills were pretty dry and fast with Justin bombing down with his usual gusto.

Again the tree on the singletrack seems to have got lower with only Dave attempting to get under and losing his rear light in the process. The bog was succesful for all but myself as I went flying into the brambles and a very muddy shoe (luckily the overshoes mean the cleaner wont be annoyed at work tomorrow!)

These are the stats of the ride (again from my house). This is actual rider time so although was a bit quicker than last week I think we had more rests to was a bit more of a blast.

Actual cycling time: 1hr 19mins
Distance: 14.84 miles
Average speed: 11.2 mph
Max speed: 26.5 mph

See you all outside the Albion on Wednesday slightly later at 7.30

Oh and I managed to break some more bike bits - this time my singlespeed chainring! Pics above:

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