Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Rain stopped play (for most)

Darkening sky and then rain from about 5:30pm saw a plethora of texts giving excuses, sorry reasons! for not being able to make the ride. Phrases spring to mind like "a few good men" and "the good and the brave".
Anyway just Dave and I braved the elements, which politely stopped pissing just a tad before the 7:00pm start, what looked like was going to be a wet ride turned into a rather pleasant outing.With just the two of us plans for Chicksands were abandoned and an easy consensus reached to take what is now the established 'normal route' (plans are afoot to add some variation for future rides). Waterproofs were removed once in the woods as both of us were beginning to over heat having been fooled by the earlier black sky. Once on the sand it became apparent that the earlier rain had not soaked far into the ground making the going treacherous as the top layer just slipped on the dry sand under it. With the going a little slower I was able to make the most of the few roots down the back of the wood to bounce the bike around a little while Dave clattered along behind me!
The single track before the bog was pretty lively with the top layer very slippery, there was a number of occasions where I thought Dave had stacked it as I watched his back end slip away only to be saved at the last moment. The Bog did not live to its legend and was quite an anti climax as was the final climb up the field to Steppingley.
A quick (or not so quick for me) dash up the bypass and we were both rewarded for our troubles with some fine ale and food at the Oss (some less worthy partook of this sustenance, but we shan’t name names!).

Next ride is THURSDAY not Wednesday, THURSDAY 7:00pm by the Albion, off to Chicksands weather permitting.

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Rob said...

Sorry I couldn't make it had a retirement do to attend for work. See you all out on Thursday! Looking forward to heading over to chicksands if that is the plan