Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Wednesday 15th April Ride

Well Chris, Dave and myself made it out tonight and surprise surprise I made it round without any mechanical faults! Bike ran smoothly and seems to be good now! We went for the normal long route and it was a pleasant evening to do it with short sleaves on for the evening.

Managed to set a pretty good pace without too many stops and wihout incident until the singletrack through the wood when I hit my pack on the low tree (which seems to be getting lower every week) and then a pedal/crank on a log following one of Dave's routes. The bog was pretty wet but all 3 of us made it through without stopping and then a short blast home. We only really needed the lights once we got onto the road which was nice! Dave's 3 lights seem sadly redundant now!

These are the stats (including to/from my house):

Total Cycling Time: 1 hr 23 mins
Distance: 14.99 miles
Average speed: 10.8 mph
Max speed: 23.4 mph

See you all out next Monday!


Daniel said...

Hi folks,

Newbie here. I moved to Ampthill six months ago and looking to get back into MTB'ing, partly to build fitness and have some fun. I rode a bike yesterday for 1st time in about 6 years and did the Millbrook bridleways - I conclude I have lost my biking legs. I'd love to join you on some 'runs' once I've built up a bit of cycling fitness. I have this week off work so if anyones about in the day/eve for a leisurely saunter I'm up for exploring.

Dave said...

Hi Daniel,
I do not know if anyone is about this week at all, I am not as it is the girlfriends birthday on saturday, so needless to say that means she wants attention for the rest of the week and her birthday day as well, bloody women!!!!! Anyway we usually meet up every Monday and Wednesday opposite the bakery by the Albion pub at 19:00, we have quite a mixed bunch, with some people being fit and others not so much (like me). We are all up for a laugh and always enjoy heading to the pub after to ruin all the hard work we have just done with a few pints and pub snacks. So come along and get involved